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Elephant Plai Sak Surin during a blessing ceremony at the Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang province.

The Elephant Conservation Center in the Lampang province conducted the traditional blessing ritual of elephants with the participation of Plai Sak Surin.

The elephant Plai Sak Surin became known after the government decided to bring him back to Thailand after 22 years of being in the Colombo Zoo.

Information about the difficult situation of the elephant became known in May of last year when the non-profit organization Rally for Animal Rights and Environment (RARE), advocating for animal rights in Sri Lanka, alerted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand about alleged cruel treatment of Plai Sak Surin in the zoo.

Sak Surin, along with two other elephants, was sent to Sri Lanka in 2001 as gifts for the local government.

He is the only elephant that the Thai government recalled after learning about the animal's dire situation.

The return of the animal home cost 19 million baht. According to the government's statement, Thailand will no longer use elephants as gifts for any other country in the future.

After completing quarantine and initial treatment, the elephant's condition noticeably improves.

According to the center's staff, all interested individuals will be able to see Plai Sak Surin from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM daily, starting from August 29th at The Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang.


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