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At the house in Pracha Uthit, Bangkok, Police found that it was being used as a production and modification facility

The Ministry of Interior of Thailand is tightening control over firearms.

The Ministry plans to implement a set of measures to control the import, trade, and ownership of blank and pneumatic weapons, as well as additional control over the issuance of firearm permits and a ban on youth under 20 from visiting shooting ranges.

These measures, especially concerning blank firing and pneumatic weapons, are in response to the shooting at the Siam Paragon shopping center on Tuesday, where a 14-year-old teenager used modified blank-firing weapons purchased online from a seller in Yala province to shoot people. As a result of the incident, two women were killed, and 5 people were injured, with 2 of them in critical condition.

Thailand's government agencies have also announced enhanced security measures in public and tourist areas.

Steps will be taken to restore tourists' confidence in Thailand as a safe tourist destination.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand ranks second after the Philippines in the total number of firearm-related deaths per capita.

Firearm laws in Thailand are relatively strict, but the country still has one of the highest rates of firearm ownership in Asia, according to, a research project at the University of Sydney.

According to the organization, there are approximately 10 firearms per 100 people in Thailand, including illegally owned firearms, compared to less than one per 100 in the peaceful neighboring country of Malaysia in Southeast Asia.

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