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Thai New Year "Songkran " in Thailand

The Thai government has clarified new plans for celebrating Songkran over the course of a month.

The National Soft Power Development Committee announced that water splashing, as before, will take place for 3 days, while various cultural events will be held for the rest of the month.

The clarification on the new rules came in response to public dissatisfaction and criticism of a statement by the Pheu Thai party leader, Pheu Thai, Petongtarn Shinawatra.

"Another grand and exciting plan for next year. We will organize a massive event, the World Songkran Water Festival. We will splash water not just for 3 days but for the entire month gradually across the country," wrote Petongtarn.

a statement by the Pheu Thai party leader, Pheu Thai, Petongtarn Chinawatra

Many consider this idea impractical, and continuous water splashing for a month is expected to lead to substantial expenses and a significant increase in road accidents.

The discussion of Songkran celebration plans is likely linked to the inclusion of the Thai New Year on December 6 in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

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