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Man at a cannabis exhibition in Thailand

The Thai government intends to regulate the use of cannabis and make it available only for medical purposes.

This was announced by Prime Minister Srettha Thavsin during his interview with Bloomberg.

According to him, within the next 6 months, the government will amend the cannabis law to increase control over cannabis sales points and allow its use only for medical purposes. All 11 parties in the coalition have supported this decision.

Thailand became the first country in Asia to decriminalize marijuana in June 2022, leading to a rapid increase in the number of places selling cannabis and its extracts without a prescription.

The Prime Minister did not explain how the operation of cannabis sales points will be regulated and did not specify the rules for its use.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health stated today that the Bhumjaithai Party may reintroduce its cannabis bill to Parliament for consideration. The Minister emphasized the need to amend the Cannabis Law to allow its use only for medical purposes, adding that the cultivation of cannabis plants should also be restricted, especially the right of each household to grow up to 15 plants in their yard.

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