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Excitement during the opening of a Pop Mart store in Bangkok

Several people sustained minor injuries during the opening of the Pop Mart store in Bangkok.

Pop Mart is known for selling designer collectible toys and is popular among young and affluent consumers in China and Thailand.

People queue at a Pop Mart store in Bangkok

This morning, the Chinese company opened its first store in the CentralWorld shopping center on Rama I Street.

Limited edition toy from Pop Mart in Bangkok

To celebrate this significant event, the company announced exclusive promotions: 140 gifts for customers who spent at least 10,000 baht and special Opening Limited toys for every customer who spent at least 2,000 baht.
A man becomes ill during a crush in line at a Pop Mart store.
According to eyewitnesses, at the moment of the opening, customers rushed toward the store, resulting in a minor stampede. Several people suffered minor limb injuries, and at least one person fainted.
Company representatives have not yet made any statements regarding the incident.
people spend the night near a shopping center in Bangkok
Earlier, it was reported that hundreds of customers queued up in front of the store overnight on Tuesday. Some of them were hired by speculators hoping to resell limited-edition toys at inflated prices.
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