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The statue of Khru Kai Kaeo in Bangkok

The city administration of Bangkok has allowed to keep the statue of Khru Kai Kaeo despite a large number of complaints.

According to the law, statues less than 10 meters in height, such as the four-meter statue of Khru Kai Kaeo, installed on private property, do not require approval from the city administration.

The Governor of Bangkok was able to reach a compromise with the public in resolving this issue.

The authorities have agreed with the representatives of the hotel on the installation of a special screen that will cover the statue from the Ratchadaphisek Road side, as its intimidating appearance may frighten pedestrians, drivers, or passengers.

At the same time, believers will be able to approach the statue freely to worship Khru Kai Kaeo.

The project to install the screen will be presented for approval by the city administration officials in the near future.

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