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A Move Forward MP for Chiang Mai province

A member of the "Move Forward" party has proposed government measures to combat forest fires and air pollution in Thailand.

Phattarapong Leelaphat stated that he is disappointed with the government's reluctance to prioritize issues related to forest fires and air pollution, as these are crucial concerns for residents of northern regions.

In turn, the deputy proposed corresponding measures that encompass the ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution (AATHP), Thailand's Constitution, which guarantees the protection of people's rights and quality of life, and the right of affected individuals to sue agencies responsible for direct or indirect pollution affecting their livelihood or health.

The proposed measures to combat air pollution and forest fires include:

- The introduction of free lung and respiratory disease screenings for residents of northern provinces.

- Establishing a waste management system for agricultural waste to reduce burning.

- Providing equipment for composting fertilizers and implementing measures to procure agricultural waste for the production of environmentally friendly energy.

- Imposing a ban on the import of products whose waste is burned by farmers.

- Establishing special response teams, data collection, and early warning centers for forest fires, with decentralized firefighting command centers to enable local authorities to manage situations independently.

- Creating a regional center in northern Thailand to address transboundary pollution from neighboring countries.

- Setting clear targets for reducing PM 2.5 levels.

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