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In Chiang Mai, at one of the bars, the lead singer of a musical group set a part of his clothing on fire during a performance.

An unexpected performance at a venue in Chiang Mai has stirred mixed reactions on social media.

In the video, the lead singer of the band MOONHUNTERS can be seen dousing his clothing with a flammable liquid during a live performance and setting it on fire. A few seconds later, he extinguished the flames himself. Judging from the reactions of other band members, this "stunt" seems to be part of his repertoire.

Comments on social networks to a resonant video in which the singer sets fire to his clothes during a performance

Some users on social media expressed concern over the singer's performance, as it had the potential to cause a fire. People noted that the venue's ceiling was essentially made of polystyrene, which could have allowed the flames to spread rapidly and cause harm to both people and property.

Many Thais in the comments section of the video recalled the tragic incident at the Santika nightclub in Bangkok in 2009, where 67 people died in a fire, and 222 people were injured. Official reasons for the fire were never definitively established. One theory suggested that a lit Bengal fire near the stage may have triggered the fire, while another theory proposed that pyrotechnics set off near the building were the cause.

Additionally, in August 2022, a fire broke out at the Mountain B pub in Sattahip, resulting in the loss of 25 lives and injuries to 38 others. The likely cause of this fire was an electrical short circuit.

owner of the establishment where the controversial video was filmed

Chiang Mai police responded to the video and summoned both the band's lead singer and the venue owner to the police station. Both received warnings.

In turn, the individuals involved issued apologies for the incident and confirmed that such a performance would not be repeated.

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