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Raid on Level 9 bar in Chiang Mai

During a routine bar check in Chiang Mai, which was operating beyond the established hours, officials from the Provincial Administration Department (DOPA) were spotted among the patrons.

The raid took place at Level 9 Bar yesterday at 3 in the morning. Approximately 40 people were present in the establishment, some of whom were under 17 years of age. Among the visitors were also local government employees, who were suspected of celebrating the successful raid at Le Neuf Bar a few days earlier.

Raid on Level 9 bar in Chiang Mai

During a Halloween celebration at Le Neuf Bar, 242 individuals under 20 years old were arrested. The establishment was open after midnight, and all patrons were consuming alcohol. The bar owners faced charges under various sections, including selling alcohol outside of working hours and selling alcohol to individuals under 20 years old.

Raid on Level 9 bar in Chiang Mai

Major General Tavatchai Fongvichatnachai, the police commander of Chiang Mai province, refuted media rumors claiming that the raid on Level 9 Bar was conducted as retaliation for the raid on Le Neuf Bar, during which five police officers were reassigned to inactive positions due to corruption suspicions.

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