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Chiang Mai International Airport

Starting from November 1st, Chiang Mai International Airport will operate 24 hours a day.

This decision was made today during a Cabinet meeting.

Over the past weekend, Prime Minister Setthawut Thavisin, along with members of the Cabinet, visited some northern regions of Thailand.

During one of the meetings, the Chiang Mai administration unveiled plans for the region's development.
In addition to extending the operating hours of Chiang Mai International Airport, there was a proposal to construct a new airport named "Lanna" in the Ban Thi area of Lamphun province, as well as increasing cultural events to boost tourism.
The provincial governor separately suggested creating a program to position Chiang Mai as the best place for digital nomads.
This program might involve revisiting regulations for the stay of specific foreign groups or creating new visas tailored to digital nomads, considering all necessary aspects like travel, healthcare, accommodation, and tourist safety.
If the implementation of this project succeeds, it is expected to significantly increase foreign tourists, making a substantial contribution to the region's and Thailand's economy as a whole.
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