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The injured Chinese woman and her lawyer are giving an interview about the accident when the pickup truck crashed into the Rolls-Royce.

A Chinese woman is demanding a compensation of 1.3 million baht from the pickup truck driver after his vehicle crashed into her 32-million-baht Rolls-Royce.

The video of the accident went viral on Thai social media.

Some Thai media outlets reported that the girl had no claims against the pickup driver. Supposedly, they had agreed between themselves that each would pay for their own car repairs.

Some social media users praised the Chinese woman for her action and kind heart.

However, the girl was shocked by the media reports that she had apologized to the Thai man and refused compensation.
The pickup truck crashed into a Rolls-Royce on the way to Bangkok.
Today, together with her lawyer, she turned to the police.
According to her lawyer, his client was not the one at fault in the accident. After the pickup truck crashed into her, the girl tried to talk to the Thai man. Since the Chinese woman doesn't speak Thai, she gestured to the pickup driver to follow her to the Rolls-Royce service center to discuss the repair cost with her insurance agent. The girl waited for the pickup driver, but he never showed up.
The girl insists that she is not to blame for the accident and has also declined to comment to local media, stating that she will bear the repair costs for her car on her own.
The police stated that the pickup driver will be summoned for questioning on Friday, August 18.
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