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Buoys deployed to contain the leak after a pipeline ruptured while oil was being pumped from a tanker at a a jetty off Si Racha, in Chon Buri province, on Sunday night,

According to the Pollution Control Department (PCD), the oil leak from the damaged pipeline in Siriracha has not yet reached the coastal areas.

The oil spill occurred late at night on September 3, and in the morning of September 5, an oil slick was discovered near Sri Chang Island.

As of the latest information, there have been no signs of oil products on the shores of Bang Pra Beach and Ao Udom Bay. However, it is anticipated that the oil slick may reach the shore no earlier than September 8-10.

Thaioil confirmed the incident on September 5, stating that it happened approximately 16 kilometers southwest of the Thai Oil refinery.

Workers check the oil spill in Sriracha

Efforts are underway to remove and clean the 5-kilometer oil slick, with an estimated volume of about 60,000 liters. Over 4,500 liters of dispersant have already been used, which is expected to have a negative impact on marine and natural resources in the area for at least a year.

The situation regarding the oil spill and its consequences is closely monitored by representatives of the PCD and the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

The Director-General of the Pollution Control Department has reported that a complaint has been filed with the police against the subsidiary company PTT Thaioil in connection with the oil product leak near the coast of Chonburi province. Evidence is currently being collected for possible legal actions in the future.

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