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The man brought a python to the police station in Samut Prakan province.

An elderly man sought help from the police because a python attacked him and "attempted to kill him."

The unusual incident took place on the evening of August 21 in one of the police departments in the Bang Bo district of Samut Prakan province.

The 68-year-old security guard recounted that the python had entered his relaxation room, located within the premises of a bird farm. The man woke up from a sudden pain in his foot due to the snake's bite. He tried to get up from the bed but couldn't, as the reptile began to strangle him.

The man brought a python to the police station in Samut Prakan province.

The man called for help, but unfortunately, no one heard him. Feeling worse, he decided to bite the snake's tail to make it release him. After being bitten, the snake loosened its grip and tried to slither away from the room, but the man managed to grab it.

The man hopped on a motorbike and brought the snake to the police station, where he shared the incident. Police officers informed the Ruamkatanyu Foundation about the reptile and tried to calm the man down.
The rescue service is treating the man's leg after python bites.
The foundation's rescuers took the python and treated the wound on the man's leg.
Later, they released the snake into the wild, and the man was advised not to bite snakes anymore and to promptly call snake-catching experts if needed.
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