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The person injured after a metal sheet fell onto a construction site in Bangkok

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has ordered a temporary suspension of repair work on the Bang Kapi overpass.

The decision was made after a 10-meter steel sheet fell onto a construction site at 1:50 on Thursday, resulting in one fatality and two injuries.

Repair works on the structure have been halted pending an investigation into the accident. The police are questioning witnesses to determine if negligence was the cause of the incident.

Following the incident, the former president of the Council of Engineers of Thailand, Suchatchavee Suwansawas, shared a video of the overpass that he had posted back in April of this year.

"In April, I mentioned that the construction of the overpass did not meet safety standards. Now, because of this, someone has lost their life. This is a serious issue in Thai society," he wrote.

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