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The Patong Police Department in Phuket.

The Patong Police Department has been recognized as the "most moral and transparent" police department in Phuket.

On September 5th, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) published the results of its annual assessment of integrity and transparency (ITA) in public services. To pass the assessment, each agency must achieve a minimum ITA score of 85, with a score of 95 and above considered a very high quality rating.

Concerns were raised within the commission regarding the performance of police departments and district police offices across the country as their average scores were alarmingly low. Of nearly 1500 police departments nationwide, 86% did not pass the integrity and transparency check. The average ITA score for all 1484 police departments was 67.43.

The Patong Police Department received a score of 88.33 and is the only department in Phuket to pass the integrity check. In contrast, the Karon Police Department showed the lowest results with a score of only 53.70.

Overall, the average ITA score for the police in Phuket stands at 65.25. All departments that did not achieve the required number of points have received notices to "urgently improve the situation."

Government agencies providing services to the Phuket population received an "excellent" rating with a score of 95.40, which is 4.94% better than the previous year.

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