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Srettha Thavisin, during his speech in parliament on the morning of September 11th

The Prime Minister of Thailand, Srettha Thavisin, made a political statement in parliament today.

During his address, Srettha outlined Thailand's major political, social, and economic challenges. He emphasized the need to overcome the economic crisis, boost spending, expand investments, and promote economic digitization.

Srettha also discussed urgent measures aimed at both short-term stimulus and long-term workforce development to address the country's current issues.

According to the Prime Minister's statement, the government's economic recovery policies include:

Debt relief by addressing agricultural, business and personal debt.

- Reducing electricity costs and restructuring energy consumption.

- Generating income from tourism.

- Amending the Constitution to promote democracy, citizen participation, and the rule of law.

The Prime Minister also discussed measures to create opportunities, improve quality of life, and increase income for Thailand's population. These measures involve economic diplomacy, digital technology development, public-private partnerships, and infrastructure investments.

Regarding the armed forces, the government plans to transition to a voluntary military service system, enhance military training, and reduce the number of high-ranking officers.

In terms of social policies, the government will continue its efforts to combat drug abuse, encourage the medical use of cannabis, improve healthcare, and create a fair and equitable society. The government also intends to address environmental issues, such as PM2.5 air pollution.

In conclusion, Srettha assured parliament and the people of Thailand that the government will govern with honesty and prioritize the nation's and society's common interests.

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