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a group of Chinese tourists at the airport in Thailand

The number of Chinese tourists traveling to Chiang Mai continues to decrease.

Chiang Mai has been a highly popular destination among Chinese tourists. However, despite the visa exemptions for Chinese citizens, the number of visits has significantly dropped.

According to statistics, in August, Chiang Mai welcomed 21,568 Chinese tourists, in September - 12,556, and in the first two weeks of October - 7,828.

The President of the Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association publicly stated that one reason for the decrease in the number of Chinese tourists is the shooting incident at the Siam Paragon shopping center in Bangkok, where three people, including a Chinese citizen, were killed.

Other probable reasons include the limited number of international flights and high airfare prices.

An increase in flight availability is possible as early as next month since starting on November 1, Chiang Mai International Airport will operate around the clock. Flights will operate until 1 AM.

The decision to extend the airport's operating hours was based on an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) conducted in 2005.

According to EIA data, night flights at Chiang Mai Airport, from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM, should not exceed 6% of the total daily flights. This means that during this period, the airport can handle a maximum of 12 flights.

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