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Thais travel to islands during extended weekends.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) anticipates that during the extended weekend from August 12 to 14, Thai citizens will undertake approximately 2.6 million journeys within the country.

Based on preliminary data, over the course of three days, Thais are expected to expend about 8.76 billion baht, which is 4% to 5% less than during the same period last year.

The reduction in the number of trips and the decrease in spending can be attributed to the influence of inflation and unfavorable weather conditions during the rainy season.

Furthermore, a majority of Thais embarked on their trips during the 6-day holiday at the end of July.

Bangkok emerged as the most favored destination in the country throughout the elongated weekend spanning from July 28 to August 2. Thai citizens embarked on over 600,000 journeys to the capital city and incurred an expenditure of approximately 3.13 billion baht.

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